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Shannon Farrar, Master Certified Life and Health Coach, Level 3 Reiki Master

How Can I Support You?

  • Guide you in using your innate wisdom to manage chronic illness

  • Support your work to develop habits that move the needle on your dreams

  • Use lived experience and trauma-informed practices to help you develop a nourishing relationship with food 

  • Explore small, incremental practices that will create Sanctuary and Sacred Space in your home

  • Partner to find ways to incorporate parenting practices that honor and support your unique children...

  • And more - I also provide services focused on one time decision making, self-love, and accountability

Full Circle Life and Health Coaching Packages

As your coach, I'll customize a program to fit your needs!

You won't find any cookie-cutter solutions, prescriptive diets, or pre-printed task lists here! 

I will curate an exquisite experience that helps you develop and use:

  • the right system,

  • the right accountability,

  • and the right support for YOU!

Investing in yourself, your health, and your dreams can be intimidating,
but you're worth it!

You deserve a life that
lights you up! 


"When we started, I didn't really know what to expect... Like, what is a life coach and how is this person going to help me? After 12 weeks, I can honestly say, Shannon has helped me in so many ways, especially holding me accountable to my commitments to myself!"


"Shannon listens to the between-the-lines and with a sense of the overall picture. It gives her super powers for motivation!"


"Shannon constantly comes with  her "A" game! She is great at reframing and answering off the hip!
 She is empowering!"

Our Services


Goal Getters!

We meet virtually the last Monday of each month at 7 pm Eastern to review success and challenges from the previous month, and get set up for success for the coming month!

Goal Getters is free for  everyone who is trying to reach a goal! Click below so I can email you a link!


Love Seat Session

You + Me

We talk about what lights you up

and what's keeping you from that!

We take as much time as you need, and then you can decide if I'm a good fit for you!

Click below to schedule!


Podcast Coaching Session

I am always looking for guests for my podcast, Come Full Circle with Shannon! I can tailor an episode to meet your needs, and we can put some magic out into the world!

Click below to let me know what you would like to talk about for 20 minutes or so!

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Sunday Night Reiki

Each Sunday Night at 9 pm. I offer Distance Reiki. There is no cost to you, just sign up below and I will send you more information and the instructions! You don't even have to get  online to enjoy the healing energy of Distance Reiki!

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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