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What can Full Circle Coaching do for you?

  • Guide you in using your innate wisdom to manage chronic illness

  • Support your work to develop habits that move the needle on your dreams

  • Use lived experience and trauma-informed practices to help you develop a nourishing relationship with food 

  • Explore small, incremental practices that will create Sanctuary and Sacred Space in your home

  • Partner to find ways to incorporate parenting practices that honor and support your unique children...

  • And more - I also provide services focused on one time decision making, self-love, and accountability




Hey Y'all! I'm Shannon, the Coach who's been there!!

My name is Shannon Farrar and I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified Health Coach based in Charlotte, NC. My purpose and my passion is helping folks reclaim their best selves, emerge from their fears and insecurities, and arise into the life they've dreamed of. What will it take to get YOU there? I'm here to help! I meet with folks virtually, so location is not a barrier! Come into my calming, quiet space and let's talk about it!

Full Circle Life and Health Coaching Packages

As your coach, I'll research specific information and techniques to fit your particular situation!

You won't find any cookie-cutter solutions, prescriptive diets, or pre-printed task lists here! 

I will curate an exquisite experience that helps you develop and use:

  • the right system,

  • the right accountability,

  • and the right support for YOU!

Fall 2023 Discounts!

20% off all programs!

12 session programs - $1200

4 session programs - $480

Accountability - $20 per session (5 session Minimum)


"When we started, I didn't really know what to expect... Like, what is a life coach and how is this person going to help me? After 12 weeks, I can honestly say, Shannon has helped me in so many ways, especially holding me accountable to my commitments to myself!"


"Shannon listens to the between-the-lines and with a sense of the overall picture. It gives her super powers for motivation!"


"Shannon constantly comes with  her "A" game! She is great at reframing and answering off the hip!
 She is empowering!"

What's a Love Seat Session?

It's just You + Me
We spend as much time together as you need

We'll talk about stuff like...
What is keeping you from your best life?
And how do you overcome all those things? 

This is your time!
And the keys to everything you want are on the other side of this conversation.

All I need is your time.
All you need is your desire for something more.


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