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"Shannon is a great coach. She led me to a lightbulb moment for my business to amplify the engagement I already have on Instagram instead of re-inventing the wheel using an alternate platform. We went way beyond that to why I thought I needed the alternate platform, as well as who showed up in that vision and how I really felt about it. Shannon helped me feel excited about moving forward instead of overwhelmed. She's a good listener, she's thoughtful and she offered to share her wisdom with me as opposed to telling me what to do. We've got our next session booked and I'm looking forward to it." - Judy T., Coaching Client​


I'm a mom, a wife, a coach, and a Diabetic. I've struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old!  Through my own coaching experience, I have profoundly improved my quality of life. I have more energy, more light, more fun, and more purpose than I did before this journey!

I believe we are all seeking deeper connections with like-minded people, and that it's connection that drives us to be our best selves. ​I believe it's my job is to guide you on the path to success, health, and abundance - whatever that means for you!


I've always been the person my friends and family go to for advice and motivation, and studying different coaching techniques and programs made it clear - THIS is my purpose and my calling! As a professional Diabetes Mindset Coach, I help you find your deepest motivation, the stumbling blocks that keep you stuck, and all the ways to get over, around, and through them! I can help you connect to the reasons that conquering your diabetes are so important to you, because motivation will ALWAYS be stronger than willpower!​

I believe in trauma-informed and healing-centered services, taking baby steps, celebrating progress over perfection, and helping YOU develop a vision for YOUR life and health. I'm not prescriptive, I don't judge, I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, and trauma-informed, and I believe everyone deserves to live a life of love and health and happiness!  


Book a complimentary Love Seat Session below, and let's get started!​

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Blue Skies

Guiding Principles

What I believe and how I approach the work as a Life and Health Coach.
1. We're all winning the game we're playing.
2. How we do one thing is how we do everything.
3. Small hinges swing big doors.
4. Motivation beats willpower every time.
5. Our challenges are also our greatest gifts.
6. There is no failure, only feedback.
7. Love always wins.
8. Anyone can learn to do anything.
9. In order to grow, you have to let go of what's keeping you small.
10. Every act is an act of love or a cry for love.
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